Who are we?

This is the hard core: Peter, Kristof and Jens.

AV-image Peter Carmeliet
Peter Carmeliet
Managing director

Peter graduated from the RITCS (Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound), and began working as freelance cameraman and editor in television and in the audio visual sector. He founded AV-image in 1997, together with AV-Studio and AV-Sign, all under one roof. Today, AV-Image is housed in its new location, and besides the all-important contact with clients, Peter’s behind the camera, directing as well as supervising production.

Av-image Kristof Ermens
Kristof Ermens
Video editor

Kristof was born in the matrix and having sampled working in the real world decided that his future, his specialisation, lay in the world of computers. In no time at all video editing, graphics, effects and compositing held no secrets for him. As autodidact he has his finger on the pulse of the ever-changing applications and trends in our sector.

AV-image Jens Carmeliet
Jens Carmeliet
Production assistent

There is a lot more to Jens than being a qualified journalist. Extremely versatile, he writes texts and scenarios, assists in production and recording and is a useful editor. His talent for organizing, along with his weight lifting hobby, come in very handy coordinating our events.

And when the work load is too much to handle for the three of us, we’re lucky to be able to call upon a host of freelancers like Seppe, Mathias, Klaas, Mathias, Wim, Dietrich, Filip, Matthias, Bart, Ivan, Eric, Mathias, Iris, Marc, Pieter, Bram, Evi and Mathias. (Statistically, you have a 27% chance that a Mathias will be working for you).

Granted, you’d normally have to go to an adventure park or family zoo to see these mugs, but if you hire us stay put, we’ll come to you!

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