script AV-image SCRIPT


Imagine: you’d like to have an audio or video production of your product, or perhaps your company. But what is the message that will stick in the mind, what about the target group and how are you planning on getting your message across? Whatever the case, a publicity spot, a corporate video, an instructional manual, a documentary or perhaps an event, to make it a success you need a strong concept!

We think and work together with you on the content and on the visual and audio aspect to come up with an original and robust production and mould the concept into a fully-fledged script. Each production is unique and by definition made-to-measure. As a client, think first of the budget you have at your disposal so that we can come up with an appropriate proposal. After all, ‘the sky is the limit’ in film!

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Filmproductie AV-image PRODUCTION

It’s time to rev up the engines. Location scouting, booking a crew, actors, voice talents or extras, drawing up the light plot, wardrobe, props, planning… there’s sometimes more involved than you’d expect. Then there’s the choice of technical material: a camera with a large image sensor on dolly and prime lenses for a real film-look? An ENG camera for fast reportage work or a DSLR with Gimbal system for fluid movements? No problem.

And should our cameraman not happen to be tall enough then we can call on a drone or a helicopter with Wescam. Photography is writing with light. Which is why we’ve invested is various ‘light pens’: super compact Dedo spotlights, battery-powered LED panels, studio spotlights, HMI daylight. Not forgetting reflectors, tripods and clamps, cables, back-drops… and transport to get everything to the right place at the right time. And what we don’t have ourselves, we simply hire!

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Montage AV-image EDITING

Back at the office, the day’s images are copied right away onto our DDP video server; a RAID system with built-in reserve discs and back-up power supplies that can be loaded day and night without any loss of data. In editing the production starts to really take shape… selecting the images, composition, visual effects and colour corrections.

To ensure we meet your deadline we have 4 editing sets that have simultaneous access to the server. All furnished with licences for the most recent software for editing and effects, including skilled and dedicated editors. What’s more, you’re more than welcome to join us while we’re editing, it’s great for conviviality and efficiency!

However, if that doesn’t fit into your schedule, we’ll send you a personal link so that you – and you alone – can follow progress wherever you may be (as long as there’s internet of course). Your feedback comes straight back to our editors! Perhaps you’d like to update a previous production or realise you can’t locate it anymore? Naturally this poses no problem, since all productions are saved here in-house. Just say the word, we’ll retrieve it in the wink of an eye.

Grafiek AV-image GRAPHICS

Designing static and moving graphics, removing or adding logos to moving images, bringing photos to life, green or blue key, creating 2D or 3D animation; just some of the extras that can give your production that defining extra boost! It could be that it’s because it might be difficult to understand, difficult or impossible to be filmed or simply that it looks extremely nice. Complex animation is food for real 3D geeks and best left to them. However, we devise the animation, develop a storyboard and do the necessary follow-up to ensure everything is to your specifications.

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Audio AV-image AUDIO

Audio certainly adds rhythm and emotion to a film but it is also a product in itself. Just think of radio commercials, language courses, roll-playing or audio guides for museums or exhibitions. We have our own professional audio studio where we can record up to 5 voices working comfortably and simultaneously together. Although you might have knocked on the wrong door for Xhosa, Zulu, Inuit and Yuki-Wappotalen, our data bank does comprise professional voice talents for today’s most common European and Asiatic languages.

Adding some additional music might be nice? Certainly, but you should realise that commercial music can only be used with the composer’s written permission and that their conditions are normally pretty steep. Luckily there are alternatives to suit every budget; from very reasonable musical wallpaper played by a generous unknown to music from well-known music libraries such as KPM who have an incredible repertoire of quality music in every genre imaginable. With a few clicks of the mouse and a valid Visa card the world of music lies at our feet. However, we find that more and more nowadays we’re having made-to-measure music composed to fit the images and idea behind your production perfectly … music that you’ll never hear the next day underscoring a commercial for sanitary towels. Win-win, so to speak.

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Event AV-image EVENTS

And if you’re planning an event, AV-image is your ideal partner. No, not for the catering and the hostesses (although we’ll help you choosing them with pleasure). We’re on hand for the audio-visual aspect such as décor, lighting, projection, sound, in situ camera work, voting, texting and interpreters’ booths. Just as with video productions, we like to be there at the outset, by your side, developing a strong concept, writing the scenario and being on hand to advise during rehearsals and the day itself.

We also like to go to exhibitions and trade fairs, especially if we are part of the infrastructure! Our touch-screens and programmable video players make your stand interactive and a crowd-puller. One address for content and equipment. With pleasure.

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Output AV-image OUTPUT

However, you’re not going to get very far if you can only screen your product in our company, are you? We deliver and convert all the formats and carriers that you might need; from DCP cinema files, MXF for TV broadcasting, 4K H265 files onto USB sticks with overprint of your logo to the familiar “disc” that we narrow-minded specialists call CD, DVD or BluRay.

And yes, we can even convert cassettes from times gone by. That’s what happens when you’ve been in the business for thirty years. Antique. And did you think that films always have to be in a 16:9 TV ratio? Well, we’ve got a surprise for you: we also make productions in double HD, 21:9, round, chequered or even vertical. You’d be surprised at just what can be done… though not us, we just do it!

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